Instruction Manual

Product Parameters :

Power supply: DC 5V — 2A , AC100-240V 50/60HZ
In order to ensure the charging speed and the stability of product function, the product needs to use USB cable with 2A electric current + DC5V/2A power adapter
Power: 5W
Charging distance 2-10mm ( the closer distance between the mobile phone and the product, the faster charging )
Charging time : About one hour more compare with plug-in charging,
Usage :When the clock is plugged in, put the phone on the top of the clock, the Phone can be charged.

 Functions :

  1. Display Mode :

There are two display mode, press the button ”SET “, you could change the mode of display ;
Dp-1: time , temperature and year, month and day display would change orderly ( Carousel mode )
Dp-2 : only time, temperature display ( Fixed Mode )

  1. Voice Mode (power-saving mode ) :

Press the button “DOWN”, on : Sd “ß à” –: Sd”;
“on :  Sd ” means sound control in on ;
“ — :  SD ” means sound control in off .

It will automatically close the voice mode in seconds: Display will be woke up when the sound is louder than 60 decibels or flapping the clock. If close the voice control mode, constant light will be opened.

  1. Temperature Mode Settings :

Press the button of ”UP“, you could change the Temperature Mode between OC and OF

  1. Brightness Setting :

Press the button of “UP” for 3 seconds, you could enter into the mode of brightness, then you could change the brightness through pressing the button of “UP” (more bright ) and pressing the button of “DOWN” (less bright)
L1 : Bright
L2 : Less Bright
L3 : Weakest brightness

  1. Power supply :

Because this clock with LED light, it is more power-consuming. It is not recommended to use AAA battery power supply. We recommend to use USB cable supply power directly.

It must use plugged-in power supply when charging the phone.

(The clock with built-in cell battery ,it will automatically remember the time when the power is off, we don’t need to reset the time ) ;

  1. Alarm Setting :

User can set 3 alarm time every day, alarm lasting 1 minute, the sound is : beep beep beep, can press any key on the back of clock to stop the alarm;

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