Wooden watches are getting increasingly popular, and it is easy to see why. These stylish timepieces undoubtedly look great, but you need to take some care when selecting one for yourself or as a gift. You want to avoid buying a poor quality watch that will quickly break, only to be discarded, contributing to the mounting global waste problem. That is why you should always look for high-quality wooden watches, like those sold by Kate Wood. Wood is a beautiful, natural material that highlights the beauty of nature. It is pretty hardy when it comes to bumps and scrapes, but as already mentioned, it can be susceptible to water damage. That is why high-quality wooden watches like those sold by Kate Wood seal these wooden surfaces to add an extra layer of protection. Ideally, you should look for a clear sealant or natural stain so that the wood’s natural beauty still takes center stage. One of the big reasons to buy a wooden watch other than looking great is the eco-friendliness of wood as a material. Watches made from metal or plastic have a far higher environmental impact than ethically harvested plantation timbers. Unlike Kate Wood, not all watch manufacturers can claim to use only ethically sourced wood in their products. While it may only seem like a small thing, responsible businesses like Kate Wood make it easy to choose the ethical path. If you are in the market for a new wooden watch, look no further than Kate Wood. Committed to style, quality and the environment, we have a fantastic range of wooden watches. Browse our wide range of styles now and choose the perfect wooden timepiece for yourself or a loved one.


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