Retro Bamboo Bicycle with bamboo fenders





The Kate Wood Originals Retro Bamboo bike has a strong and lightweight bamboo frame that will make you wonder why all bicycles are not made from bamboo. The KW Retro is so smooth and easy to ride that coffee runs will always be worry-free and fun.

The hemp fiber joints the all bamboo look and to ensure you never go back to a metal relic, we added a bamboo saddle, wood or bamboo grip so that every cycle is the perfect ride.


  • Frame: Honey-wax Infused Bamboo
  • Joints: Hemp fiber with natural  finish [ Classic-Natural ]
  • Handle bar: Alloy with natural bamboo grips, 42cm [ White-Silver ] 38cm [ Classic-Natural ]
  • Tire: Rubber, 700 * 28C
  • Rim: Bamboo skin plated Aluminum [ Classic-Natural ]
  • Saddle: Bamboo or white, brown leather, slim seat
  • Weight: 10kg

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