Men’s wood watches

Kate Wood Originals men’s wooden watches are the perfect accessories to accentuate your wardrobe. Functional and fashionable, these wooden watches are great for elevating both your casual or formal attire.


Handcrafted and available in a variety of styles, these watches are unique and sure to garner attention. Made from natural materials like maple wood, teak wood, and rosewood, these timepieces have a timeless charm that you will appreciate for years to come.


Because wood is a renewable resource, these wood watches for men are eco-friendly. Kate Wood Originals is dedicated to using sustainable resources and practices, so you can be confident that every Kate Wood Originals watch will leave a positive impact on the environment. 

The sustainable wood used to make these Kate Wood Originals men’s wood watches also allows these timepieces to lightweight and incredibly durable. These one-of-a-kind wood watches for men will not feel heavy on your wrist, which is great if you prefer a watch with a larger face. Although they are light, these rugged watches will still be able to withstand wear, tear, and scratches, allowing you to have an accessory that stands the test of time.


Hypo-allergenic and designed with your comfort and style in mind, Kate Wood Originals men’s wooden watches are a must-have. Whether you are a casual watch-wearer or a watch enthusiast, these wooden watches are a classic accessory that you will want to wear day after day.

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