Bamboo Bikes

Kate Wood Originals line of bamboo bikes are a stylish, durable, and fun way to tackle your daily commute, go on a quick coffee run, or get some fresh air and exercise.


Thanks to its interlocking fibers, bamboo is a lightweight material that is also incredibly strong, making it the perfect material for your bike frame. Forget about dings, scratches, or cracks when you ride a bike made with one of our durable bamboo frames. With a tensile strength greater than steel, but a low density that will make you feel like you are floating on air, Kate Wood Originals bamboo bicycles are a great option for your next bike.


Made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, you can trust that your new Kate Wood Originals bamboo bike will reduce your carbon footprint and help you leave a positive impact on the planet. Kate Wood uses honey wax infused bamboo for all of our bicycle frames, strong and renewable natural hemp fiber for each bicycle’s joints, and leather seats for all of our KW Fixie bicycles, providing lasting comfort and durability.

Available in three styles: the KW Retro, the KW Fixie (both dark and light), and the KW City Bike, these bamboo bicycles offer a smooth and easy ride with a clean look. 


We also have the world’s very first bamboo electric fat bike equipped with a 6-speed Shimano gear system that will help you conquer a variety of terrain. With our Kate Woods Original electric bamboo fat bike, you can zip across town or take on a challenging bike path in the woods or the mountains without any hassle.


Cruise through the busy city streets on your way to work, glide across sandy beaches on vacation, or power through your next biking adventure with one of these luxurious and stylish Kate Wood Originals bamboo bicycles.

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